Sunday, June 19, 2011

For Dad

On this day last year, my Dad was with us on the beaches of the Oregon Coast; his first trip without his sweetheart.  It was an adventure to visit family and see the ocean.  He and Mom had dreamed of going when she was well again. 

We left a box filled with words and pictures of happier days in the sand, buried in the shadow of a huge piece of driftwood we christened Bonnie Rae's Window to the Sea.  It was a moody, misty, ethereal day that I will never forget.  

One year later, my Dad is still struggling to create another life...without her.   It touches me to share this poignant and inspiring journey with him. 

Today I want to tell him how much the gift of his life and love means to me.  My world without Mom is as hard as I imagined, but Dad is always there; open and anxious to talk and to listen.

Trying to put my thought down on a Father's Day card wasn't working so I took to this blog to record what is in my heart.   This is my attempt to write a poem for him for Father's Day:


Being the parent left behind...
I know about this

Loving, listening, hoping now for two
So often feeling a poor substitute
The consolation prize

You are the source..the Keeper of Home.
Constant, unconditional tenderness
Mixed with longing and
your forever love for her.

Pieces of her best dreams left behind
in the hearts of your children
Eyes shining, you remember with us 
And bear witness...
She lived.

The mourning dove sings and
Together we dance
To the music of family and 
The Promise of reunion.

Every day you show us the way. 

I love you Dad.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to our father. Your love for him rings out through this post and your wonderful poem. Well done.

  2. This is beautiful Angie. Thank you for having the courage to capture all of those emotions in words. I love you.