Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vanquishing the Mubblefubbles

Looking out Judy's window

The Mubblefubbles have been hanging around me (think albatross) for months. Definition:  Depression of the spirits for no apparent reason. Melancholy, also Blue Devils, Mulligrubs. 

This nearly extinct old term jumped out at Ron when he read that it was a synonym for mulligrubs.  He says that I am the only person he has ever heard use that word,  I learned it from Mom.  She used it as a verb as in mulligrubb-ing.. And she also understood how debilitating and/or cathartic mulligrubbing can be.

I have been blaming the weather for my funk ...the cold, the gray rain, and OMG, the wind! The howling, violent, blow-your-house- down obnoxiosity makes me want to huddle in the crawlspace next to my furnace.

But I suspect the weather is just an annoying manifestation of what I have been feeling inside; unsettled, lonely, restless, and still unsure whether life will ever feel as right and happy again. I miss Mom.

That is why I need SUNSHINE...bright, blinding promise wrapped in clear blue skies and the warm loving embrace of Mother Earth.

Today marked our warmest day yet in the shadow of the mountains. The sun is out and the Cove irises are standing tall in my yard with their faces upturned to grab every gorgeous ray and so am I...metaphorically and well, literally.  

I know  people who worship at the altar of rainy days...dark, drizzly, wet and moody. (some of them lurk within my own family...gasp!) but I AM NOT one of them. 

I will let you know what a few days of sunshine does for my p-s-y-c-h-e.  It won't make everything right again, but it will change my perspective.  And that is a start...


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