Sunday, March 25, 2018


The recent kerfuffle over American's 2nd Amendment rights has me rather annoyed. Logic seems irrelevant in this misguided crusade to disarm law-abiding gun owners. Social justice warriors screech in sanctimony with little understanding of history or consequences. Hence, the following allegory:

Not long ago, my grandson was bitten at nursery school. His parents were very upset and weighed several available options to deal with their son’s rather violent injury:

1. They could speak to the manager of the nursery school about existing rules and procedures and discuss ways to better enforce both.

2. They could demand more information about the child who bit my grandson. Has this happened before, is he/she a troubled child, and how is this information being used to protect others?

3. They could organize with other parents to demand that the three teachers present in the room at the time of the biting be reprimanded and that the nursery school PAID to care for their children better train teachers to intervene before or during any future attacks.

But instead of taking these actions, we
After all, that seems to be the obvious solution to preventing future biting attacks, right? You say it is your God-given right to have teeth, but do you love teeth more than children? (Shame on you btw).

We will MARCH in the street demanding that ALL teeth be pulled (only approved adults can keep theirs). We want all food pureed and straws provided to everyone. We are confident we will receive enthusiastic financial support for our cause from George Soros and so many others seeking to subvert freedom. Yippee!

Politicians taking money from the American Dental Association will be chastised and then must be voted out of office! We will be joined by toothy celebrities like Julia Roberts and Jim Carrey, because they love to virtue-signal and (don’t forget silly rabbit) laws for peasants don’t apply to them.
We may even wear armbands and give Nazi salutes at the end of our MSM-sponsored, self-righteous diatribes..Nice touch, huh?

Best of all, we will bus in small children to our marches to carry profane, misspelled signs that WE adults proudly made for them! We will then show our kids how cool it is to trash their city by discarding the signs in the streets.

We can pat ourselves on the back for avoiding any discussion with those of differing opinions and for rejecting all practical solutions to nursery school violence.

So we demand corrupt government overlords take away our right to keep our teeth!

Are you with us???

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