Monday, April 25, 2011


DID YOU KNOW that it takes one day to recover from each time zone you cross when flying? I didn't know this either, but it might help explain the butt-dragging that Ron and I have experienced since we returned from our adventure in Italy. Yes, I know I was the one who was homesick.

But here's what I need to rave about today: In addition to the "once your mind has been expanded, it can never return to its original dimensions" side of traveling, I realize that in the space of 10 days I became addicted (gasp!) to the Free and Easy life (the cocaine of empty-nesters)...and the withdrawal BLOWS!

Could it be the travel philosophy that Ron and I have cultivated is to blame?

After all, for ten days we slept to the rhythm of our body clocks. We didn’t wear watches because time was irrelevant. We ate two meals a day and lingered in outdoor cafes for hours.

Note: We have a rule NOT to eat at any restaurant chain that is also located in our city (broke that this trip...Big Mac at the train station...see Pizza and Pasta rebellion…barf..)

We didn't have much scheduled; we are not mega-tourists who have a checklist. We like to blend in, absorbing the ambience and doing things our way. We have individual priorities, but reserve our rights to change anything and everything to stay in step with our moods.

By being open to chance and opportunity, we listen to our explorer voices.. This is our own version of IN SYNC and it is one of my favorite things about us as a couple. So, we found the Groove… it was relaxing, life-affirming and exhilarating!

PERHAPS THAT IS WHY I now feel like a veal...trapped in my teensy cage/cubicle at work; burdened by mundane tasks, monthly sales goals, and never-ending expectations (highlighted by lunch at my desk....oh, rapture.)

I resent my stupid country music alarm at 6:00 a.m. My get-ready routine feels tedious and self-indulgent. You mean I have to iron? Wear make-up and pick out a power outfit for today’s politically charged, software executive's business breakfast? Y...A....W.....N........borrrrrrrrrring!!!!!

Plus, it doesn't help that I left really green, rolling hills and blue water and the energizing sunshine of spring to come back to cloudy, moody rain and threats of snow in the west's version of April... What? Winter hasn't been quite long enough? ARGH!

I know…I’m raving, but I need to get this out. Going metaphysical now: Am I really supposed to use my people skills to sell widgets, and gidgets; to cajole and manipulate (with integrity, of course) customers across the country into buying the latest, must-have medical e-product?

I want to make a difference in the world by helping others, but honestly, I vacillate between visions of doing good and just wanting to play! I want to wander more with my Ron and sip cappuccinos at a sunny cafe while others tromp off to slave in the salt mines for The Man.

Today, my fantasy is about becoming a tour guide; showing people the beauty of the world (with a little side humor and performance art thrown in).

Complaining makes me feel like a spoiled little brat who came home from summer camp to discover that Mommy has married the kind dolt with the mansion in the Hamptons and I don't like the nanny, the butler has a board up his butt, and my private tutoring and shopping schedule is simply a nightmare!   

Frankly, my lack of gratitude for the routine that is my life has me off my game. There are so many times I revel in my good fortune and LOVE my life and everything about it. These affirmations just seem to be eluding me at present…

If you are doing the TZM (time zone math) then today is DAY 16...

   8 time zones going
+ 8 time zones coming back
= 16 total time zones crossed)

Ron and I have set this as THE DAY when we both hope to find our “give a damns” and channel our stirred-up restlessness into something productive again.  Me? I am using this rave as my own little therapy session.

Besides, saying this stuff out loud to anyone else is embarrassing…

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  1. Nice rant! And I like the new look of your blog - it suits you. If you had your 'give a damn' back, I'd be a little worried, honestly. You would be a fantastic tour guide - go for it! I've been reading Lynn's book again to remind me that it's okay to want what I want. Just 'cause I want it.